Funding Opportunities:

There is one slot available in March 2018, and two in June 2018 on the T32 training grant. Applicants may also apply by contacting faculty members with whom they would like to conduct postdoctoral research. A list of faculty and links to their websites is found here.

A postdoctoral position in Neurology is available, on a project studying the role of the proteasome in chemoresistance. See the advertisement here.

Selection criteria for postdocs: Scientific achievement, cancer relevance of project, anticipated value of training program to candidate, commitment of candidate/PI to training program, as well as the following order of priorities:

  1. Recruited (completing PhD elsewhere; starting postdoc in your lab at UCI)
  2. Already here (completed PhD elsewhere; currently a postdoc in your lab at UCI)
  3. UCI PhD moving to a new lab here
  4. UCI PhD doing a postdoc in same lab

Application materials: 

The following items should be submitted electronically to Nita Driscoll at nrdrisco@uci.edu: a nomination letter and Other Support page from the PI, the candidate’s CV, two letters of recommendation from faculty members familiar with the candidate’s doctoral research, and a one-page statement of research from the postdoctoral candidate. This statement should briefly summarize predoctoral research achievements, then describe current and/or proposed research during the training period, emphasizing cancer relevance. The PI nomination letter should indicate the candidate’s strengths, describe the cancer relevance of past and planned projects that he/she will carry out, and define how the candidate would benefit from and contribute to the training program. The Other Support document should list current and pending research support, highlighting sources available to support the trainee’s research.  Letters of recommendation can be faxed or emailed directly to Nita Driscoll at (949) 824-4023 or nrdrisco@uci.edu.

Professional Development Programs:

see GPS-BIOMED website