Photos of Past & Present Cancer Biology and Therapeutics Training Grant Trainees

Escape Room: May 11, 2018 TG Trainees Participating in a Team Building Event (From Left: Samantha Beasley, Xazmine Lowman, Alysia Ahmed, Jessica Flesher, Ryan Davis, Amber Habowski, Mark Villamil)

May 11, 2018 Training Grant Mentors and Trainee Dinner: (Peter Kaiser, Ryan Davis, Jessica Flesher, Mark Villamil, Bogi Andersen, Xazmin Lowman, Samantha Beasley, Amber Habowski, David Fruman, Yung Lyou, Devon Lawson)

Samantha, congratulations on winning the Scientist Solutions Drawing Aug 2018

Image: Samantha Beasley & Ning Ru

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Previous Events

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10-20-2016 Training Grant Trainees – Laguna Beach 10-20-2016 Training Grant Trainees – Laguna Beach

October 20, 2016 Training Grant Mentors and Trainees at Laguna Beach (From the Left: Yung Lyou, Anand Ganesan, Stefan Brooks, Amber Habowski, Jordan Thompson, David Fruman, Carolina Greco, Aimee Edinger, Front: Jessica Flesher)dscn0798

The March for Science – March 25th, 2017 – T32 Trainees & faculty attended this event during the 2017 T32 Training grant retreat. (Faculty: David Fruman, Marian Waterman, Aimee Edinger, Eric Pearlman, Devon Lawson, Kai Kessenbrock, Olga Razorenova, Alexander Boiko, S. Armando Villalta, Harry Mangalam, Peter Kaiser, Gregory Weiss. Graduate Researchers & Postdocs: Yung Lyou, Stefan Brooks, Carolina Greco, Ryan Davis, Elizabeth Selwan, Nick Pervolarakis, Mark Villamil, Ben Dufour, Jenna Kastenschmidt, Jordan Thompson, Dennis Juarez, Rebekah Dyer, Katrina Evans, Jessica Flesher, Jayashankar Vaishali, Luke Nelson, & Amanda Ballard)

2017 T32 OncoSlayers Team Leaders: Starting from Left: Nita Driscoll, Jamie Fukui, Jessica Flesher, Krystina Jarema, Amber Habowski & Marian Waterman (Missing Elizabeth Selwan). Photo taken Aug 2017