Winter 2017 Cancer RIP Talk Schedule

The Cancer Research-in-Progress Talk: Winter 2017 Quarter

All talks are held in room 105 Sprague Hall, 12:00 – 1:00 pm

Monday, January 30th

Speaker Lab Talk Title
Carolina Greco, Postdoc Sassone-Corsi Lab “Interplay Between Metabolism and Epigenetics in Colon Cancer”
Hye-Lim Lee, Postdoc Plikus Lab “Studying mechanisms of normal and excessive tissue growth using hair follicle as the model”

Monday, February 13th

Speaker Lab Talk Title
Mark Villamil, Postdoc Kaiser Lab “Probing Ubiquitin Phosphorylation in Regulating Cell Proliferation and Cancer Progression”
Rebekah Dyer,
Graduate Student,
Weiss Lab “Investigating antifolate resistance at the single molecule level.”

Monday, March 13th

Speaker Lab Talk Title
Jordan Thompson, Graduate Student, Ravorenova Lab “Statin inhibition of Rho/ROCK is synthetically lethal in VHL-deficient CC-RCC”
Liza Selwan,
Graduate Student,
Edinger Lab “Starving breast cancer to death with sphingolipids”


Note: A light lunch will be served during the talks. Disclaimer: This announcement does not determine the order of the speakers presenting on that given day.