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Graduate Students

Funding Opportunities:

Three predoctoral slot on the T32 training grant will open up in September 2017. One predoctoral slot opens January 2018, and another in January 2019. The call for nominations is released in July.

Eligibility: Trainees must be US citizens or permanent residents. Predoctoral candidates must have completed the first year examination to be eligible. MD-PhD students are eligible. Trainees will be appointed for a period of two years, with the second year dependent on performance during year 1. PIs are allowed to nominate more than one candidate. Nomination of under-represented candidates is especially encouraged. Junior preceptors may nominate candidates, but must provide suggestions of senior faculty who would be appropriate to serve as co-mentors to the nominee.

Selection criteria for predocs: Undergraduate record, GRE Scores, Graduate core course performance, performance in the laboratory, cancer-relevance of the proposed project, anticipated value of training program to candidate, commitment of candidate/PI to training program. Priority will be given to candidates in years 2-4 of graduate training. A short list of candidates will be selected for in-person interviews with members of the Steering Committee.

Professional Development Programs:

see GPS-BIOMED website

Application materials (Due July 31, 5pm for slots opening Sept. 1): The PI should submit a nomination letter that indicates the candidate’s strengths, describes the cancer relevance of current and planned projects that he/she will carry out, and defines how the candidate would benefit from and contribute to the training program. The PI should also submit a one-page Other Support document that list current and pending research support, highlighting sources available to support the trainee’s research. Must submit a current CV and a one-page description of research and cancer relevance, preferably in NIH grant Specific Aims page format. The letter and Other Support document should be submitted electronically to Nita Driscoll at nrdrisco@uci.edu. The PI should also obtain a copy of the graduate academic file from the home department, and submit this to the CRI office at 236 Sprague Hall. The relevant materials from the graduate file are: undergraduate transcript, GRE scores, graduate transcript, rotation reports, awards.