The Training Program in Cancer Biology and Therapeutics (CBT) curriculum is designed to build a strong foundation in basic cancer biology while developing trainees’ knowledge of clinical/translational science and their professional skills.

Please see below for Trainee/PI expectations (Revised 08/2017)

Predoctoral Students


  • Cancer Biology I and II (Lectures and Discussions based on Classical and Emerging Hallmarks of Cancer)
  • Cancer Biology Journal Club (Each quarter has an instructor and designated theme)
  • Clinical Cancer for Basic Scientists
  • Responsible Conduct of Research


  • Application for F30/F31 fellowships strongly encouraged.

Postdoctoral Fellows


  • Cancer Biology Journal Club (Each quarter has a single instructor and designated theme)
  • Clinical Cancer for Basic Scientists
  • Responsible Conduct of Research
  • Cancer Biology I and II – optional based on prior experience and training


  • All supported postdocs are required to submit applications for extramural fellowships by the end of the first year of support.

All Trainees


  • Research-in-Progress seminars – Usually held monthly
  • Bi-annual trainee retreat
  • Annual Campus-Wide Symposium for Basic Cancer Research
  • CRI – Sponsored Seminars

Recommended clinical activities

  • Membership in a Disease-Oriented Team (DOT) of the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Clinical shadowing of an oncologist

Professional development

  • Annual IDP – Required
  • Registration in GPS-BIOMED – Recommended

Participation in annual surveys and progress reports

Choose a co-mentor and meet with this faculty member twice a year. Co-mentor provides a written report of progress.


  • Propose and guide projects; monitor progress and maintain cancer focus; cultivate publications
  • Meet annually with trainee to discuss academic and professional goals described in the trainee’s IDP
  • Convene semi-annual meetings with trainee and co-mentor; attend biennial trainees’ retreat
  • Annual report of trainee research progress; includes evaluation of communication skills


Note: It is possible to be re-appointed for a second year, provided the following conditions are met:

  1. Completion of required coursework
  2. Attendance at required seminars/meetings.
  3. Timely submission of progress reports, mentor and co-mentor reports.
  4. Satisfactory research progress.